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Training and Quality Design

Innovative products and services supporting education and training providers

Instructional Design

Our expert team conducts comprehensive training needs analysis and crafts tailored curriculum plans to provide engaging and effective learning content for your organisation. We specialise in instructional design for both domestic and international markets, ensuring a global standard of excellence.

Quality Assurance

We create robust quality assurance systems specifically designed for education and training, focusing on apprenticeship delivery and guaranteeing high-level educational experiences for learners. Our meticulous approach ensures consistently high standards across all aspects of your training programmes.

Learning Technologies

Our innovative learning technology solutions include the design of cutting-edge applications and thorough research and review of technologies for education and training providers. Stay ahead of the curve with our bespoke technological solutions tailored to meet your organisation's unique needs.


The team at Capella Systems has been dedicated to supporting education and training for over 20 years, using their expertise in instructional design, quality assurance, and learning technologies to achieve excellence.

As the creators of Stedfast, launched in 2018, they focus on supporting education and training providers with curriculum design and quality assurance. Stedfast is specifically designed to help providers streamline their processes and ensure high-quality standards.

In addition to developing Stedfast, the team also creates bespoke learning materials to support the training and delivery of education and training providers.

Furthermore, the team conducts extensive research and reviews of various learning technologies, providing valuable insights to help providers make informed decisions when selecting new systems.

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