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Apprenticeship Funding

Anyone receiving apprenticeship funding must consider the levels of quality assurance and compliance. If you have successfully navigated ROATP and have become approved as a provider, and can access apprenticeship funding then you will need to understand the compliance that goes with it.

Apprenticeship Funding Compliance

The first thing you will need to do is to monitor apprenticeship funding requirements and updates on the government's web page. A useful RSS feed is available so that you can get the updates.

There are a number of critical documents on the site that will provide the compliance requirements from an apprenticeship funding perspective.

OfSTED and Apprenticeship Funding

Whilst you might be celebrating your success in getting through ROATP, a few hurdles still need to be jumped. As well as delivering excellent apprenticeship programmes, you will also need to consider OfSTED. Any training provider who receives apprenticeship funding is also liable to receive an OfSTED inspection. Again there is clear guidance to providers on the OfSTED website regarding how this will work and the requirements.

Fundamentally, providers receiving apprenticeship funding need to ensure that their delivery complies with the OfSTED guidance. Also, they should ensure they create a self-assessment report as part of their ongoing quality assurance processes.

Using Stedfast for OfSTED Quality Assurance

We developed Stedfast for colleges and training providers who receive apprenticeship funding. The system has a number of key features that support quality assurance.

  1. Outcomes Assessment - this module supports self-assessment, quality improvement planning, strategic planning and programme reviews.

  2. Policy & Procedures - a module to centralise and manage all policies and procedures

  3. Risk Assessment - a module to create and manage risk assessments

  4. Staff Management * - a module to manage staff performance and CPD

  5. Observation of teaching, learning and assessment ** - a module allowing providers to manage their OTLA.

*Due for release Dec 2018

**Due for release Jan 2019

More information about Stedfast

If you are a provider in receipt of apprenticeship funding and want to know more about Stedfast and how it supports your quality assurance, please contact us, and we will schedule an online meeting with you.

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