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Apprenticeship Quality Assurance

Colleges and training providers must consider apprenticeship quality assurance in all of their delivery activities. The underlying requirement is to meet the OfSTED inspection framework and be prepared for an OfSTED inspection.

Using the OfSTED inspection guidance, providers will be able to identify the key requirements needed for apprenticeship quality assurance.

What quality assurance do you need to consider?

The first thing we think providers should get right is their self-assessment report and quality improvement plan. This should be the underpinning document for apprenticeship quality assurance. It should be written against the OfSTED judgements, and the quality improvement plan should flow from the findings.

How does Stedfast help?

Stedfast was designed to support providers with apprenticeship quality assurance. The outcomes assessment module is tailored to make the self-assessment report and quality improvement plan process easy for education and training providers.

Apprenticeship quality assurance

Example Self Assessment Report in Stedfast

Using the OfSTED criteria, education and training providers can create outcomes and objectives. The team working on the self-assessment report and quality improvement plan can then add how they intend to measure performance and can then add their findings, strengths and areas for improvement.

Other Apprenticeship Quality Assurance

We have been focussing on the need to conduct strategic planning and programme outcomes assessments as part of apprenticeship quality assurance. 

Both of these areas are hugely important. Strategic plans need to be in place for OfSTED inspections. The programme outcomes assessment is key to ensuring that your delivery meets the targets and measures that you set and that improvements are identified and action planned.

As part of our work around apprenticeship quality assurance, we are working on a new observation of teaching, learning and assessment module in Stedfast. This will be available for release at the start of 2019.

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