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Assessment Plans

Using assessment plans, education and training providers can design and develop high-quality knowledge and skills programmes, define their intent, measure impact and improve quality.


1 / Assessment Plan Types

Use different assessment plan types for strategic, organisational and curriculum planning. Assessment plans are used to easily identify curriculum intent and impact.

2 / Programme Design

Assessment plans can be developed for each programme of study. The plan owners and collaborating staff can identify the objectives and outcomes that will be delivered.

3 / Assessment Plan Measures

Assessment plan measures set out the curriculum intent – what will be delivered to learners, what they will be expected to know or be able to do, and why.

3 / Outcomes Mapping

Assessment plan outcomes can be mapped to multiple assessment plans to demonstrate cross-curriculum mapping and to conduct a curriculum gap analysis.

  • What is Stedfast
    Stedfast is a web-based programme delivery and quality assurance management system designed for education and training providers. Its purpose is to support organisations in developing programmes curriculum plans and managing the quality assurance requirements needed for OfSTED inspections, compliance and ensuring that high-quality programmes are delivered to learners. It is a low-cost online collaborative system which enables greater staff engagement in quality assurance and compliance. Easy to use and simple to manage, Stedfast is a key tool in organisational programme delivery and quality assurance processes.
  • How does Stedfast support quality assurance?
    Stedfast supports the management of quality assurance by providing a centralised platform that is easy to access and collaborative. One of the key weaknesses that institutions have with managing their quality assurance is that it tends to be done in isolation with one or two individuals completing it. Sometimes this is widened through the use of emails and attached documents. Stedfast provides a portal for all staff to access quality assurance, and the system is designed for all staff to be involved in the quality process.
  • What support is available?
    We have a comprehensive help site which can be found at Our YouTube channel has many videos to help you navigate the system. Capella YouTube You will also find course on this website.
  • How do I access Stedfast?
    Go to our free account sign up page – enter your details and start using Stedfast We also recommend taking a look at our help pages too.
  • Can you just do this for us?
    Stedfast is an intuitive web-based system that supports education and training providers with their programme development and quality assurance. We know that providers are busy and we offer programme development consultancy.
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