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Effective use of assessment in apprenticeship delivery

Creating Assessment Plans It is vital that providers have a very clear assessment plan for each of their programmes. An assessment plan does two key things. It sets out your curriculum intent, which is obviously important when considering your planning for OfSTED. The second thing that an assessment does is to set out what you need learners to do to demonstrate they meet the knowledge, skills and behaviours and how you can measure this.

What assessments can be used? The starting point when determining the types of assessment you need to use is the endpoint assessment plan. This should set out what sort of evidence the EPA will want to see. However, this should not be the only assessments used during delivery. It is important to identify assessments that can be used during a programme to show that learners are developing the necessary knowledge and skills, that feedback on progress can be offered and also to give confidence that the learner will be successful at EPA.

Types of Assessment Creating an assessment plan will help to identify the assessments and how you will measure this.

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