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FE and Apprenticeship Self-Assessment Templates

Many FE and Apprenticeship providers start looking for self-assessment templates at this time of year as OfSTED expects Self Assessment Reports and Quality Improvement Plans to be submitted in January. Using templates is fine, but they don’t often address the key areas that OfSTED wants to see comments on.

Using Stedfast as a Self-Assessment Report Template

We have built Stedfast as a tool to allow FE and Apprenticeship providers to easily create and manage self-assessment reports rather than using an untested template from the internet.

Users are able to create an outcomes assessment plan tailored for the self-assessment reports. Using OfSTED’s inspection criteria as objectives and outcomes, users can identify how to measure their performance against each one.

Users can then add their findings and, where identified, can add actions to the quality improvement plan.

How does Stedfast help with self-assessment reporting?

The key driver for Stedfast is that it is a holistic tool to manage the full self-assessment process. One of the key elements is that the self-assessment report process in Stedfast can be done using a cyclical process. The self-assessment report can then be developed over a number of years, with key improvements tracked on an annual basis.

Strengths and Areas for Improvements

We have also built in a Strengths and Areas for Improvement feature. This helps users identify those key areas that require particular focus. Where there are strengths, they can be built on, whereas Areas for Improvement can be given special attention to developing those areas.

Creating an outcomes assessment plan

FE and Apprenticeship providers should create an outcomes assessment plan rather than download a self-assessment plan template.

More information about Stedfast

Users can use the Stedfast frequently asked questions or can head over to the Stedfast quality assurance system. They can sign up for a 14-day trial of the system. Alternatively, please contact us, and we will schedule an online demonstration of the system.

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