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Further Education and Training Risk Assessments

There are huge pressures on further education and training providers to manage the changes in the sector. Funding changes and the introduction of apprenticeship standards have increased delivery complications. Throughout these changes, providers must manage their delivery by risk-assessing all areas of their organisation. There are also some clear positives from risk managing all areas of an organisation:

  • Risk management will lead to clearer decision making

  • An organisation that has managed its risks will provide confidence to stakeholders

  • Risk management will allow organisations to use staff and resources better

Further Education and Training Risk Assessment

The first important point to note is that risk assessment is not confined to just health and safety. Organisations need to consider how they risk assessing all areas of their operations. This should include the following:

  • Quality Assurance

  • Prevent Guidance

  • IT and Data Security

  • Competition

  • Funding

  • Compliance

How does Stedfast help?

Risk assessment is one of the modules in Stedfast. We introduced this module to support education and training providers with risk assessment management. It is a very simple module but allows providers to manage all of their risk assessment activity from a single location. Like all of the modules in Stedfast, it is also collaborative, which ensures all staff can be involved in this area for quality assurance.

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