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How to apply for ROATP

The Education and Skills Funding Agency has reopened the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers - ROATP. We thought it might be helpful to provide some guidance to organisations considering becoming involved in the delivery of Apprenticeships.

What is ROATP

ROATP is the ESFA's portal that allows organisations to be entered into the list of eligible training organisations that can then apply for funding to deliver apprenticeships.

There are a few things that organisations need to consider when making an application.

Application Route

There are 3 main routes that organisations can take:

  1. Main provider route - The main provider route is for organisations that want to be the lead provider in all delivery activities. They will be funded directly and will deliver the apprenticeships. They will be subject to inspection by OfSTED and will need to manage all quality and compliance.

  2. Employer provider route - This route is for employers wishing to deliver their staff apprenticeships. It is not recommended if you only have a handful of staff to deliver to, as the effort and resources to set up apprenticeship programmes will likely outweigh the benefits.

  3. Supporting provider route - this is for training organisations who may wish to work with a main provider and effectively become a subcontractor. This is a great route for organisations that are new to apprenticeships and need to learn and understand how apprenticeship funding and compliance work before applying later to become a main provider in their own right.

ROATP Eligibility

Once you decide which route to apply for, you will need to check your eligibility to be registered in ROATP. Check that you have the following:

  1. A UKPRN - this is a UK provider reference number which you can get from the UKRLP website

  2. You will also need to be registered with the Information Commissioners Office. This has become even more important since GDPR, as you will be working with sensitive learner data.

  3. You need to be a registered UK business

  4. Your business needs to have been actively trading for 12 months, and you will need to have financial evidence to support your application

  5. You need to have a management structure

ROATP Application

You will then need to demonstrate the following in your application:

  1. who’s involved with apprenticeships in your organisation - who will be managing the delivery, which staff do you have in place, who is qualified to deliver apprenticeships

  2. your financial status and ability to meet any financial commitments - are you a going concern - trying to set yourself up as an apprenticeship provider is costly

  3. how you evaluate the quality of training and outcomes - how can you demonstrate that you meet the needs of learners and employers

  4. how you assess prior learning - what systems do you have in place to conduct skills scans

  5. how your leaders and managers document and define clear expectations of setting high standards for apprenticeship training - do you have a strategic plan in place - what are your delivery targets

  6. your employees’ experience in training, including qualifications - do you have qualified assessors and verifiers

  7. the process of professional development for your employees - what staff development and performance management systems do you have in place your plan for continuity of apprenticeship delivery as well as equality and diversity, safeguarding and health and safety policies - what policies and procedures do you have to meet apprenticeship requirements - what safeguarding policies do you have - do you have a Prevent guidance risk assessment in place how you engage with employers and your contracting arrangements with them (only main providers) - how will you charge employers the 10% employer contribution fee - how will you record and manage this

  8. the commitment statement template you will use to support the apprenticeships (only main or employer providers) - as well as this, you will need to manage a raft of paperwork required for ESFA audit compliance

What next in your ROATP application

Once you feel you meet the requirements to deliver apprenticeships and you want to apply then you will need to head over to the ESFA tendering portal

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