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Measuring Apprenticeship Performance

One of the main judgements in the new OfSTED Inspection Framework 2019 is the need for education and training providers to demonstrate the impact of their apprenticeship curriculum.

When inspectors evaluate the impact of the education provided by the provider, they will focus on what learners have learned, and the skills they have gained and can apply.

Providers need to ensure they have addressed this area of delivery and therefore need to have performed their own analysis on their delivery performance.

Measuring Apprenticeship Performance

For many providers, the extent of measuring apprenticeship performance is using QAR data and learner and employer feedback. This though does not meet the need to demonstrate the impact of the delivery. There needs to be a deeper analysis of performance against specific outcomes metrics.

This is where outcomes assessment can be used to set performance measures for the apprenticeship standards outcomes and to review, analyse, add findings, and improve action plans.

We thought it might be useful to put a short paper together to help providers understand the need for measuring apprenticeship performance.

Download PDF • 317KB

What is Stedfast?

Stedfast is an online platform designed to support education and training providers with their quality assurance activities. Currently released modules are:

  • Outcomes assessment – this is used to identify how programmes will be delivered and are the primary tool in measuring apprenticeship performance.

  • Curriculum planning – this allows providers to create and schedule curriculum plans and align them to apprenticeship standards outcomes

  • Staff Performance – providers use this to conduct staff performance management using objectives and professional standards

  • CPD – simple management to ensure that all staff are planning and recording CPD activities

  • Policy and procedure – provides a central portal for education and training providers to create, store and review all policies and procedures

  • Risk assessments – identify risks, hazards and vulnerabilities and action plan against them.

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