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OfSTED Inspection Curriculum Planning

The new OfSTED Inspection Framework 2019 has been released for consultation. It is causing some very real interest from education and training providers as the focus of delivery has shifted to focus more on the quality and content of the delivery.

Curriculum Planning

The main change in the framework is with curriculum planning. OfSTED will want to see how well providers plan and manage their curriculum.

They will want to see your curriculum intent:

In evaluating the provider’s educational intent, inspectors will primarily consider the curriculum leadership provided by senior and subject leaders.

They will want to see your curriculum implementation:

In evaluating the implementation of the curriculum, inspectors will focus on how the curriculum is taught at subject, classroom or workshop level."

They will want to see your curriculum impact:

When inspectors evaluate the impact of the education provided by the provider, they will focus on what learners have learned, and the skills they have gained and can apply."

How do you meet the curriculum planning requirements?

Our advice is don't leave it to the last minute! Start your plans now because even though the OfSTED inspection framework is open for consultation, it is pretty well guaranteed that curriculum planning will not be altered.

Providers will have different approaches to curriculum planning. Some will do this in the old-fashioned way of documents and spreadsheets (cumbersome and difficult to manage). Others may have developed their own application to meet these challenges.

What are we doing?

In our ambition to make Stedfast the quality assurance system of choice, we are developing our curriculum planning module, which we hope will go live in the next few weeks.

The curriculum planning tools will link with the outcomes assessment module. Providers must create an outcomes assessment plan with the learning objectives or apprenticeship standards. They will set out how they intend to measure the success of delivery for each outcome, and add their finding and actions for improvement.

Create outcomes assessment plans for strategic, organisational and curriculum planning and performance management

The curriculum planning tool is being designed to take these programme outcomes, create delivery modules and determine what learning, practice and assessment will be needed.

Additionally, we are also adding features which will let providers record how many hours each module or activity will require and through this, they will be able to plan and manage their 20% Off the Job Learning.

What is Stedfast?

Stedfast is an online quality assurance system. It currently offers the following:

  1. Outcomes Assessment Management

  2. Self Assessment and Quality Improvement Planning

  3. Staff Performance Management

  4. CPD Management

  5. Policy and Procedure Management

  6. Risk Assessment Management

If you would like an online demo of Stedfast then please contact us

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