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OfSTED Inspection Framework 2019 - Released 14th May

OfSTED has now published its much anticipated new inspection framework, which will be used from September 2019. This inspection framework will see a distinctive shift from outcomes/data-led inspection to a more rigorous view of what is being delivered to learners and how it benefits them – this is the new “Quality of Education” judgement.

The proposed ‘quality of education’ judgement therefore brings together the essential ingredients of education: the curriculum; the teaching, and the assessment that provides the feedback loop; and the resulting outcomes. This judgement is intended to restore curriculum – largely ‘missing in action’ from inspection for more than a decade – to its proper place, as an important component of the quality of education. [Amanda Spielman]

OFSTED Inspection Framework 2019

We have written a number of articles about the new OfSTED Inspection Framework in the last couple of months. We have to try to make it clear about the importance of the new Quality of Education judgement and the need for education and training providers to now focus on curriculum planning.

The new inspection documents can be found here:

Quality of Education

Education and training providers will have to do significant work to prepare themselves for this new inspection judgement. OfSTED will want to see the intent, implementation and impact of curriculum plans and how curriculum activities are scheduled throughout programmes.

Inspectors will take a rounded view of the quality of education that a provider delivers to its learners.
  • Inspectors will consider the provider’s curriculum, which embodies the decisions the provider has made about the knowledge, skills and behaviours its learners need to acquire to fulfil their aspirations for learning, employment and independence.

  • They will also consider the way teachers teach and assess to support learners to build their knowledge and to apply that knowledge as skills. This covers the quality of education and training. (Where teachers and teaching are referred to, this should be understood to cover trainers and training too).

  • Finally, inspectors will consider the outcomes that learners achieve as a result of the education they have received.

This new framework is very different. Education and training providers will need to consider how they develop their curriculum plans to be able to show their intent and implementation. They will then need a method to measure the performance of delivery to support the impact findings.

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