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OfSTED Quality of Education Findings

wdt_ID QOE Grade Type Findings
1 Inadequate Secondary Leaders have not ensured that all subject plans are as detailed or well structured as they could be. They do not make clear what pupils should learn and in what order.
2 Inadequate Secondary Subject leaders plan assessments in their subject areas. Some have planned for pupils to sit tests at least twice per half-term. These assessments are not always planned well enough. They do not help teachers understand what pupils know, or what they need to catch up on. Teachers find this excessive as it adds to their workload.
3 Inadequate Secondary The quality of education is variable. Not all subjects are well planned and/or sequenced. The effectiveness of the plans depends on the quality of the subject leaders. Senior leaders need to assure themselves that all subject plans meet their high aspirations and aims.
4 Inadequate Secondary In many subjects, leaders have not developed the curriculum well enough. This leads to teaching which does not build on what pupils know or help pupils to learn new knowledge.
5 Inadequate Secondary Planning does not build on pupils’ knowledge. It does not enable teachers to meet pupils’ needs. Leaders should act urgently to ensure that there is an ambitious curriculum in place which
helps pupils to gain the knowledge they need to achieve well, including in GCSE examinations, in a range of subjects.
6 Inadequate Secondary Weaknesses in the curriculum have affected the oldest pupils the most.
7 Inadequate Secondary The curriculum at key stages 3 and 4 has not helped pupils to build their knowledge progressively over time. Pupils tread water, repeating content without learning it and without moving on. Standards are too low. This is particularly the case in English and mathematics. Leaders should ensure that standards rise for
pupils in key stages 3 and 4. Teachers should have higher ambitions for pupils academically.
8 Inadequate Secondary Subject content is not sequenced well in some curriculum plans. Teachers do not revisit the important content so that pupils remember it.
9 Inadequate Secondary Subject leadership is underdeveloped. Leaders have begun to introduce professional development programmes linked to different subjects. This work should continue and expand so that the curriculum is effectively designed and delivered in all subjects.
10 Inadequate Secondary Leaders have not designed a curriculum that meets pupils’ academic needs. They have schemes of work but have not
adapted or developed these schemes into coherent curriculum plans.
QOE Grade Type Findings

This database contains the main findings for the Quality of Education judgement where schools and providers have been inspected using OfSTED\’s Education Inspection Framework and have had QoE graded as Requires Improvement or Inadequate. The database is updated on a weekly basis.