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OfSTED Self Assessment Report

FE and training providers will have been notified yesterday that they need to submit the self-assessment report by the end of January 2019 to OfSTED. The self-assessment report and quality improvement plan must be emailed 

Do you have to submit a self-assessment report to OfSTED?

The answer is not strictly, but providers are definitely encouraged to do so. 

There is no requirement to produce or provide a SAR, but you will no doubt have a SAR or a similar quality improvement document that you produce and update periodically. Ofsted uses this for the planning and preparation of inspections. Providing a SAR or equivalent will have no bearing on whether you will have an inspection or not during the course of the year – the frequency of inspection is set out in the inspection handbook. But the information you provide this way means any inspection team will be better informed. This will help ensure any inspection goes smoothly both for the provider and the inspection team.

How do we help with the OfSTED Self-Assessment Report?

For anyone following our news items, we have posted about how Stedfast is a tool designed to support education and training providers with their self-assessment and quality improvement plans.

It has been designed so that providers can take OfSTED inspection criteria and create outcomes set. The inspection criteria become outcomes and objectives, and users can then create measures and add findings, strengths, and areas for improvement. Once these have been identified, this will feed into the quality improvement plan.

Stedfast is a quality assurance system designed for education and training providers. It supports a number of quality assurance areas, such as:

What is Stedfast?

  1. Outcomes assessment

  2. Policy and procedures

  3. Risk Assessment

  4. Staff Management *

  5. Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment 

*Due for release December 2018

More information about OfSTED Self-Assessment Report

If you would like further information about Stedfast and how it can support your development of an OfSTED self-assessment report, then please get in touch with us, and we can schedule an online demonstration

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