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Organisation Performance Review

We know that education and training providers have many performance management requirements, so we have taken an approach in Stedfast to allow all performance management activities to be managed on a single platform. Currently, most education and training providers will manage their performance using a number of different methods. For the majority, performance management will be conducted using Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

How does Stedfast support performance management?

Stedfast has been designed so that all areas of performance management are assessed and reviewed on a central platform and uniformly. Performance management is central to targets/measures, findings and actions. Using Stedfast, education and training providers are able to create a performance management assessment plan, identify objectives and outcomes and state how performance against these will be measured.

In this example, the organisation has created its 3-year strategic plan with objectives and outcomes.

What happens after an assessment plan is created?

Each assessment plan can have a number of review cycles. For this particular strategic plan, the organisation wants to review performance against the objectives annually.

So they have created three assessment cycles.

Staff are also added to the plan to allow them to contribute to findings and actions.

Each assessment cycle can be tailored to review all or some, or indeed other objectives and outcomes, but typically the initial outcome set will be used.

Once the assessment plan has been distributed, measures are added to each outcome.

Once each outcome has a measure or target, the person allocated to it can add their findings and any actions. The action feed into the review cycle's overall action plan:

Outcomes Assessment Action Plan

All review cycles have an action plan that staff are able to review on a regular basis. Where findings have been completed then, evidence can be attached to demonstrate the work that has been done.

Distribution of Reports

There are a number of different PDF reports available for download. This feature is only available to the assessment plan owner so that there is control over distribution.

Organisation Performance Review

Stedfast has been designed for organisation performance review. It is a low-cost cloud-based system for education and training providers. It has been developed for any education or training provider that needs to demonstrate their performance management internally and to external organisations.

We think getting this aspect of delivery right is hugely important as it feeds into all areas of an organisation. If performance is constantly reviewed, this will become ingrained into the quality assurance process of an organisation.

If you would like more information about Stedfast, please contact us, and a team member will be in touch.

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