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Policy and Procedure Management

One of the key requirements for all colleges and training providers is to manage a raft of policies and procedures needed by various inspection, awarding and compliance bodies. Policy and procedure management needs to be done well. Typically it is currently done on Word documents, emailed amongst staff to check and then possibly posted to a shared drive or intranet where they sit gathering dust. It is only before a major inspection or audit that they see the light of day again.

Stedfast Policy and Procedure Management

We are delighted to announce that we have just released our Policy and Procedure module, which will help providers manage this quality assurance area. We have developed this module so that organisations can create policies and procedures, link the two and categorise them by areas.

We have designed this module so that organisations are able to create policies and procedures in sections. They can then add other team members to the policy to become editors. Each policy and procedure has an owner responsible for the policy and procedure and will also review it annually.

Adding Procedures

We have also added the ability for organisations to add procedures on Stedfast which can then be associated with one or more policies. Like policies, the procedure owner can add other editors, can create procedure sections and conduct an annual review which is then recorded.

Both policies and procedures can then be downloaded as a PDF document when required by external organisations.

Learn more about Stedfast

This simple but effective module in Stedfast will help providers develop and manage their policies and procedures. With the ability to review them annually, it will also demonstrate to OfSTED and other inspectors/auditors that policies and procedures are up to date.

If you would like a demonstration of Stedfast, then please contact us, and we will schedule an online demo.

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