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Post OfSTED Inspection Development Plan

Once the dust has settled, and the OfSTED inspectors have left the building there is often a sense of relief that it is all over. After the inspection comes the report, organisations must consider their next steps. The report will highlight areas that need improvement and areas that have been identified as being a strength. The next step for providers is to consider their post-OfSTED inspection plan.

Post OfSTED Inspection Plan

Using the Stedfast system, we are able to work with organisations to build a post-OfSTED inspection plan framework. This involves identifying areas the college or provider needs to reflect on and then act. The framework can be as small or as big as the provider feels necessary but essentially it becomes a self-assessment tool. If there are actions in the “This is not yet an outstanding provider because” section then the identified actions can form part of the framework. Likewise, the findings in the “What does the provider need to do to improve further?” section can also form the structure of the framework.

Self Assessment

In Stedfast, the college or provider is then able to allocate staff to reflect in the OFSTED inspection findings and comment on the judgements. These can then form part of the overall institutional Ofsted self-assessment report and Quality Improvement Plan.

Organisations are also able to grade and monitor their finding and add supporting documentation. By compiling the post-OfSTED Inspection Report in Stedfast it ensures that colleges and providers actually make the time and effort to address the OfSTED inspection findings and track and monitor them.

Organisational Quality Improvement Plan

Stedfast is a quality improvement system designed for colleges and independent learning providers. The system has an organisational quality improvement plan. Too often, organisations will have different quality improvement plans that are emailed from pillar to post with no real understanding of what is current and what has been completed. Stedfast, allows organisations to maintain a central quality improvement plan that has actions added from all of its reviews. For example, if an organisation completes a Prevent Agenda Guidance Self Assessment, any strengths or areas for improvement can be added directly into the QIP and staff and target dates can be allocated accordingly.

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