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Prevent Agenda Framework

We have added a Prevent Agenda Framework to Stedfast. This will allow colleges and providers to conduct a self-assessment of their Prevent Duty Guidance and identify actions that need to be implemented. This is a hugely useful tool for providers as it will ensure that they meet this important requirement that OfSTED is now inspecting.

Prevent Duty Guidance for Further Education

We have used the Prevent Duty Guidance for Further Education, published by the Home Office on the 12th of March. It sets out expectations for Further Education organisations in their Prevent duty guidance.

The framework added to Stedfast covers:

  • Partnerships

  • Risk Assessment

  • Action Plan

  • Staff Awareness and Training

  • Welfare and pastoral care

  • IT Policies

  • External Speakers and Events

  • Monitoring and Enforcement

Using Stedfast, Organisations will be able to allocate judgments to individual staff members who will then self-assessment, grade and identify strengths and areas for improvement that can then be added to the organisational quality improvement plan.

About Stedfast

Stedfast is a quality improvement system designed for FE colleges and independent training providers. It allows organisations to manage their self-assessment and quality improvement planning. We have also recently released a policies and procedures module allowing organisations to manage and review policies and procedures. Future modules being developed for release include:

  • Risk Assessment

  • Staff CPD

  • Observation of teaching and learning

Stedfast is an online collaborative tool that aims to bring together all aspects of quality assurance and to ensure that organisations are fully prepared for OfSTED inspection. Staff can access it through any web browser, which is simple.

For any organisation interested in seeing the system, then please contact us for a free, no-obligation online demonstration.

We also offer consultancy advice to organisations looking to improve their self-assessment and quality improvement planning.

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