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Recording and monitoring organisational CPD

Continuing professional development, or CPD, allows professionals to stay updated with the latest industry news and trends while also providing them with skills that could help further their careers. This is a mandatory requirement for anyone working in education or skills delivery. OfSTED will expect to see records of CPD and how it has benefitted employees.

CPD can come in many forms, such as attending workshops or conferences, completing online courses, or participating in work-based learning. Ensuring that the CPD activities are relevant to the individual’s role and will benefit their professional development is important.

CPD Policy

Organisations should have a CPD policy that sets out the expectations for employees’ CPD. The policy should state how often employees are expected to undertake CPD activities and how these will be monitored and reported.

The CPD policy should be reviewed regularly to ensure that it is still fit for purpose and meets the organisation's and its employees' needs.

Benefits of CPD

Undertaking CPD can bring many benefits to both individuals and organisations, such as:

  • Improving knowledge and understanding of current industry trends.

  • Developing new skills which could lead to career progression.

  • Maintaining currency of knowledge and skills.

  • Staying up to date with changes in legislation or best practice.

  • Improving the quality of services delivered.

  • Enhancing the reputation of the organisation.

  • Retaining employees and reducing staff turnover.

  • Developing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

CPD Activities

Many different types of CPD activities can be undertaken, such as:

  • Attending workshops or conferences.

  • Completing online courses.

  • Participating in work-based learning.

  • Shadowing more experienced colleagues.

  • Mentoring or coaching others.

  • Writing articles or blog posts.

  • Presenting at conferences or webinars.

Organisations should provide opportunities for employees to undertake CPD activities relevant to their roles and benefit their professional development. Employees should be encouraged to identify CPD activities to help them meet their goals and improve their performance.

Monitoring and Reporting CPD

Organisations should have a process to monitor and report employee CPD activities. This could involve maintaining records of CPD activities and assessing the impact on employees’ knowledge, skills, and behaviours.

Reporting on CPD activities can help to identify areas where employees need further development and support. It can also help to assess the effectiveness of CPD programmes and identify any changes that need to be made.

Using Stedfast to record CPD

Stedfast is a cloud-based software platform that helps organisations to manage their CPD programmes. It allows employees to record and track their CPD activities, set goals, and receive feedback from their managers.

Continuing professional development is necessary for being a professional in any field. It helps individuals stay updated with current trends and developments while also allowing them to develop new skills.

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