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Risk Assessment Module Release

We are delighted to announce that we have just released the new risk assessment module in Stedfast. This is an important feature as it allows education and training providers to create, manage and review all of their risk assessments. One of the key items of documentation that OfSTED looks for in an inspection is that risk assessments have been carried out in all areas of the institution.

What needs risk assessment?

Education and training providers should not just consider risk assessments as being something that just applies to health and safety. Numerous risk assessments should be completed. Here are a few examples:

  • Prevent risk assessment

  • Safeguarding risk assessment

  • Business continuity risk assessment

  • Programme delivery risk assessment

  • Staff working risk assessment

If education and training providers can demonstrate to OfSTED and other accreditation/compliance bodies that all areas of the business have been risk assessed then this will demonstrate that provision is in place to mitigate risks and potential problems and that planning is actively taking place to avert these problems.

How does the Risk Assessment module work?

We have kept the risk assessment module design to be the same as the outcomes assessment module and policy and procedure modules. Each risk assessment has an owner, and they are able to add editors who can contribute to the risk assessment plan. The owner creates sections and, within each section, identifies risks.

The available headers are:

  • What are the risks, hazards or vulnerabilities?

  • What is the likely consequence?

  • What are you currently doing about it?

  • What do you plan to do about it?

  • What is the likelihood of this happening?

  • How serious an effect could this have?

  • Who will manage this?

  • Is there a set target date?

  • Has the action been fully completed?

Risk assessments should be live documents, and the actions should be reviewed on a continual basis. The risk assessments can be downloaded to a PDF document, which staff can share and discuss.


Stedfast is a quality assurance system designed for education and training providers. It is online and collaborative. We currently have three modules with the system:

  • Outcomes assessment – this supports providers with self-assessment and strategic planning

  • Policies and procedures – allows providers to manage all of their policies and procedures centrally

  • Risk Assessment – allows education and training providers to manage all of their risk assessments

The next module which will be released is Staff Management. This is designed to manage staff details, CPD and performance management

Please contact us if you would like to receive an online demo of Stedfast.

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