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Staff Performance Management - Leadership & Management Judgement

We have just updated the Staff Performance Management module on Stedfast with new features to support education and training providers to meet the OfSTED requirements for the Leadership & Management judgement.

Some of the criteria that need to be considered when managing staff performance include:

Leaders ensure that regular, frequent and meaningful engagement takes place with staff at all levels, so that they can be confident that issues will be identified. When issues are identified – in particular about workload – leaders deal with them consistently, appropriately and quickly. Leaders ensure that teachers receive focused and highly effective professional development. Teachers’ subject, vocational, technical, pedagogical and pedagogical content knowledge builds and develops consistently over time and improves the quality of education provided to learners. Leaders focus on improving teachers’ subject and teaching knowledge to enhance the teaching of the curriculum and the appropriate use of assessment. The practice and subject knowledge and up-to-date vocational expertise of staff build and improve over time.

Stedfast Staff Performance Management

Stedfast has a comprehensive set of tools to support staff performance management.

How does the Staff Management Module work?

1. Create Job Roles

Add a new job role and select the professional standards that are required for the job.

2. Create General Organisational Areas of Development

3. Add the professional standards you want staff to work to

4. Create staff performance objectives

Users need to add the objective, how it will be measured, what strategies will be used to achieve the objective, what training may be necessary, which professional standards will be met and if there are any linked CPD activities. The professional standards for the staff member's job role will only be displayed.

Each staff member will then have a set of objectives for each reporting year.

5. Conduct staff reviews against their performance objectives

Additional goals can also be set for staff for each reviewed objective

6. Reporting

Reports are available to track performance over time

7. Check covered standards

Users can check how many professional standards have been covered in staff performance objectives

Stedfast is an online application that supports education and training providers with programme delivery, curriculum planning and quality assurance.

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