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Staff Performance Management Module

We are delighted to announce the first version of our Staff Performance Management module. This has been created to meet one of the OfSTED inspection areas for staff development and performance.

Staff Performance

In this first version of the module, we have released the staff records, professional standards, CPD and certification elements. The staff review features will be released before the end of January 2019.

Staff Details

Users on Stedfast will be able to record basic staff details. The Administrator will also be able to allocate staff members to their departments and line managers and assign a job title.

Professional Standards

We have created a section for organisations to add professional standards for job roles. This could either be published professional standards set by professional bodies or standards created within the organisation.

Once the professional standards have been created, they can be aligned with job roles.

We have also added a section that allows the organisation to add a list of development areas within the business. These cover all job roles and are areas the provider needs to develop as a business.


Staff will be able to request and record CPD activities. This is a simple process where staff complete a request form which is submitted to their line manager, who can then approve or reject applications.

Completed CPD activities also need to be updated with a record of learning that has happened.

CPD requests also align with professional standards and the organisation's development areas.

Staff Appraisal

We will be releasing the staff appraisal feature before the end of January 2019 - this will include the ability for line managers to set annual objectives, which they will be able to review their staff. This powerful feature will support organisations in demonstrating staff performance management.

Online Demo Request

If you would like to receive an online demo of Stedfast, then please contact us.

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