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Staff Professional Standards

The staff performance module has been designed to support providers with staff development and management. It has been designed to allow providers to set objectives for staff members and review them against these continually. As part of the staff performance management module, we have also included the ability for providers to add professional standards and align them to job roles and performance objectives. We are often asked why professional standards are important in staff performance management. The simple answer is that they provide a framework for staff to perform and develop. They effectively provide a performance benchmark.

Staff Professional Standards

What is important is that professional standards are not used as a set of job descriptions.

Professional standards also set the benchmark across a particular sector to ensure that all staff perform to a consistently high standard.

Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers

There is an excellent standard for organisations operating in the FE sector that helps focus performance and development, which was created by the Education and Training Foundation – Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers

These standards set out Professional values and attributes, Professional Knowledge and Understanding and Professional Skills required by Teachers and Trainers.

Stedfast Professional Standards

We added a professional standards feature to Stedfast, which forms part of the staff performance management module. This module was designed to support leaders and managers with staff performance management, a key OfSTED inspection area.

Users can add professional standards from recognised bodies or create their own for the business.

Each job role created in Stedfast then has professional standards aligned to them.

Staff Objectives

Once job roles have the required professional standards aligned to them and the staff member has been allocated their job role, the next step is to create staff objectives. These can be taken from job specifications, KPIs or general tasks that you want to measure performance against. Each staff objective has a review timescale (how often it should be reviewed), and professional standards can be mapped to the objective. Additionally, specific CPD activities can also be aligned with the objective.

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