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Stedfast Curriculum Planning Update

We have released our July update to Stedfast. We have been working hard with the curriculum planning module to ensure that it supports education and training providers when the new OfSTED Education Inspection Framework begins on 1st September 2019.

Curriculum Planning Template

Our biggest improvement in the update has been the curriculum planning template feature. This allows users of Stedfast to create the content fields for the curriculum activities. The Learning, Practice and Assessment Activity fields are default, but users can now add to 5 additional fields. When a curriculum owner creates a new plan, they must select the number of fields they require.

When the curriculum owner accesses the plan, they can add the template headings.

These template headings will then be used when creating curriculum activities:

Recording Activity Hours

We have had feedback from schools that they really want to be able to record the number of hours that each curriculum activity takes. Previously, Stedfast only recorded time to allow apprenticeship training providers to record hours as part of their 20% Off the Job learning planning. Now, users can record the number of hours allocated to each learning, practice and assessment activity. They can then see the aggregated curriculum hours in the information section of the curriculum information section.

Viewing Curriculum Activity Details

We wanted to make it easier for users to be able to see the curriculum activities in the main curriculum dashboard. Users can now select either the Learning, Practice or Assessment buttons, and the information will be displayed.

Other Updates

We have also updated the risk assessment module so that users can add narrative sections and upload associated documents.

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