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CPD Management

The CPD management module in Stedfast has been designed to allow education and training providers to manage and record staff CPD.
CPD Management


Recording CPD

Each CPD record has information about the activity, what professional standards it helps develop, the costs, venue and number of CPD hours. The CPD record is also aligned to organisational development areas.

CPD Approvals

CPD requests are approved by either a line manager, the HR coordinator or the Stedfast system administrator. Reports track the number of CPD hours that each member of staff has completed annually.

Performance Alignment

As well as managing CPD activities, Stedfast also has a staff performance module that allows organisations to set out performance objectives and then conduct staff appraisals against the.

CPD Certification

CPD certification can be uploaded to the individuals users records. This makes it easy to show these to awarding bodies and OFSTED. Staff can also provide feedback on the value of each activity.

Leaders ensure that teachers receive focused and highly effective professional development. Teachers’ subject, vocational, technical, pedagogical and pedagogical content knowledge builds and develops consistently over time and improves the quality of education provided to learners.


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