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Policies & Procedures

The policies and procedures module in Stedfast is a simple but effective tool that ensures these documents are up to date and accessible by all members of staff.
Policies & Procedures


Polices and Procedures

The policies and procedures module in Stedfast provides a central repository which can be accessed by all staff. Policies and procedures can be developed collaboratively.

Procedure Management

The procedures management works in the same way as the policy management tools. Users can create multiple procedures, assign staff members as editors and can also align the procedures to policies.

Procedure Management

Users are also able to create multiple flow charts for each procedure. This is a really helpful tool to help staff fully understand the procedure requirements.

Policy Reviews

Stedfast has a record or policy dates. Users are notified when an annual review of policies and procedures is required. This ensures polices and procedures are kept up to date.

Leaders have a clear and ambitious vision for providing high-quality, inclusive education and training to all. This is realised through strong, shared values, policies and practice


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