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Update to Stedfast

We will be launching a major update of the Stedfast system this summer. As well as making changes to the functionality, we have also redesigned the system to be responsive so that it can be easily used on tablets and smartphones. We will not be accepting any new clients in July 2018 as we want to avoid new users having to learn one system before rapidly changing the new layout and features. Some of the updated features include:

Improvements to Self-Assessment Reporting

We are planning some significant changes to the self-assessment process. Users will now be able to create assessment plans more easily. Using OfSTED inspection judgments, organisations can create a set of outcomes and an assessment plan based on them. The assessment plan team will then add targets or measures and findings. Each of the findings will also be able to have actions created, which will feed into the quality improvement plan. Of particular note is the ability of the assessment plan owner to create review cycles. This means that improvement can be measured over time. The assessment plans can also be used to create strategic plans with a cycle of reviews. Typically this will be annually, and any outcomes and objectives can be measured, reviewed and activities planned. In the second release of the assessment plan module, we will add the ability for organisations to map outcomes.

Reviewing Courses and Programmes

The outcomes assessment module can also be used to review course and programme outcomes. This is useful to organisations making the switch from apprenticeship frameworks to apprenticeship standards. Using the Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours as outcomes, organisations can create an assessment plan to determine how they are going to plan and measure their performance against them. This will then provide an action plan for delivery staff to ensure that standards-based programmes are of high quality.

Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

OTLA will also be updated to provide a better mechanism to create, maintain and track teaching, learning and assessment observations. Quality assurers will be able to create their own observation templates, which they can schedule to be used. As Stedfast is being updated to be responsive, observers can use tablets and smartphones to capture observations, and observees can also comment on the findings.

Other Modules

We will release more information about other modules and features in the summer. These will include; policy and procedure management, risk assessment and staff management, including the recording of CPD.

Stedfast is a quality assurance system designed for technical and vocational education and training organisations. The system is designed to support organisations with all quality assurance and compliance aspects. Stedfast is a low-cost hosted platform designed for team collaboration.

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